Cultural Agenda ¿Qué pasa en...?

by Stacey on Monday, February 9, 2009

Activities and Excursions in don Quijote schools
Want to take up a dance class? Interested in watching a movie? Take a complementary Spanish culture course or go on an excursion. Consult the agenda and start planning your after-class cultural activities!

Check out our destinations:
Spanish schools in Spain
Spanish schools in Latin America

Why don Quijote? Because there are Spanish courses for every individual!
Intensive course: 20 classes of Spanish weekly + 5 cultural classes.
Super-intensive course: 30 classes of Spanish weekly + 5 cultural classes.
One to One: Tailor-made language training.
Spanish Talk: Dedicated Spanish conversation practice
Spanish for life: 20 or 30 Spanish classes each week with another 5 about culture, courses of 12 weeks or longer.
Groups/Study travel: Tailor-made program for 8 or more students with a minimum of 2 daily Spanish classes per day.
Kids & Teen programs: Intensive Spanish language summer camp courses with a full schedule of sports and leisure activities for youngsters from 5 to 18 years old.
Spanish for fun: Combine the learning of Spanish with fun activities (scuba diving, flamenco dancing, wine tasting, art & history, etc).

Spain News
Last minute headlines from the most important media publications around the world.

Discover Spanish and Latin Culture in 2 languages
Read culture texts in English or in Spanish... some of the Spanish texts come with audio, too! Each text includes a list of topic-related vocabulary and verbs useful in and out of class!

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