"Spanish" is no problem here in salamanca

by Stacey on Monday, February 9, 2009

Fragment taken from original article (in German) by Jutta Christoph for mallorcazeitung.es

Language school don Quijote is housed in Salamanca in a former cloister from the 16th century. After the placement test is taken and personal conversation with headmaster Jesús Baz, a guided city tour is given to newcomers of the program. Then the lessons begin in different level classes ranging from five to eight students. The student that requests to be placed in a higher linguistic level class or a lower level can change groups the following day.

"Keep in mind that just because one learns a lot of grammar or vocabulary, does not qualify one to know the language", states Julia Hormigo Espés, who has been working as a Spanish teacher in don Quijote for over ten years. "Language is crippled if one only learns from books" - that’s why don Quijote also offers free extracurricular activities such as history, geography, film showings, talks and music lessons at no extra cost to those students who voluntarily sign up and wish to make the most of their language learning experience.

Result after a one-week Spanish language course of 25 hours and accommodation with a Spanish host family:
- Learning factor: high
- Fun and entertainment factor: high

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