Learn Spanish and dance Flamenco in Madrid and Granada

by Stacey on Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Flamenco is a genuine Spanish art; to be more precise - a genuine Southern Spanish art.

Originating from Andalusia, flamenco is a passionate and seductive Spanish art form involving the guitar, song and dance. The interesting thing about flamenco is that its roots are a mystery. The general belief is that this art form was created before the Reconquest as the mix of Gypsy, Islamic, Sephardic and Andalusian cultures cohabited together in the south of Spain.

Our Spanish schools in Granada and Madrid provide you with a special course of:

20 hours a week of Intensive Spanish
8 hours a week of Flamenco Dance

... with classes starting every Monday, year round!

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1 » Anonymous (on Friday, May 8, 2009) said:

Flamenco is a very beautiful dance. I dream to learn it. And for sure I will.