Livin' La Vida Salmantina

by Olivia Elson on Thursday, January 28, 2010


My name is Chekufeh and I am an intern here at don Quijote. I am in Salamanca for 6 months aiming to improve my Spanish before returning back to university in England for my final year studies in Modern Languages.

I have just come from spending 6 months in Paris so it has obviously been a bit of a shock as the size of both places are VERY different! Paris is a fantastic, cosmopolitan, dynamic city. Everyone is always on the go, in a hurry and there is always something to do just outside your front door whether it be a museum, park, restaurant or tourist attraction (the Eiffel Tower was just outside mine [:)] ). But it is definitely, just like any other capital city, not your typical French city. As a student I found it a struggle to come across many people my age however Salamanca is completely different! Ok, it's small, but it couldn't be more Spanish if it tried.

The city boasts beautiful, historic architecture and is buzzing with students! The streets are lined with tapas bars and at any hour of the night you will see people out (mainly students) with their friends. I love that you don't need to use any public transport and that it probably takes at most about 15 minutes to get anywhere. Obviously, as I am working, I have to be at work at 9 every morning so adjusting to nights out ending at 6-8 in the morning is going to be VERY difficult (and probably never going to happen)!

Life here is so relaxed, this is probably a result of the combination between the laid-back Spanish lifestyle and the endless numbers of students in Salamanca. This place attracts students from all over the world and it's great going out and meeting people because everyone is so open and obviously here having the same experience.

So far I'm really enjoying it here and am still to get fed-up of tortilla de patatas! I am looking forward to making new friends, improving my Spanish and discovering new elements of Spanish culture in the next 6 months of my salmantino adventure.

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