Madrid-Valencia travel soon to be much easier

by Kimberly on Thursday, October 14, 2010

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On the 13th of October at 16:30 the first AVE train in route to Valencia departed from Cuenca. The train made the 98 km trip in 36 minutes with its first passagers on board. This was the first trial run with real passengers of the new Valenica AVE routes.

On the 19th of December the high speed trains will begin operating the the Madrid-Valencia route, connecting the two cities with a mere 1 and half hour train ride.

The new 438 km AVE line converts Spain into the number one country in regards to kilometers of high speed rail lines in service. It also connects all the capitals of Castile-La Mancha.

An economic study by the Ministry of Development predicts that the new line will generate 136,000 jobs from 2010-2016. Additionally, 242,00 employments were generated during the construction of the via.

The line will also save passengers millions in respect to other forms of transportation and also will reduce CO2 emissions by 842.000 tons until 2012.

The study also indicated that the new line will:

- reduce flights between the capitals by 55%

- reduce car trips between the capitals by 25%

- reduce bus trips between the capitals by 5%

- genearte 2.03€ for every € invested.

So soon students studying at don Quijote's school in Valencia will be able to save time and money with a high speed train ride! Most international flights still fly into Madrid, so this will be a great new addition!

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