Making sleep a competition!

by Laura Ellis on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

sleepI for one don't think I get enough sleep, and often as the alarm sounds in the morning I attempt to have just 5 more minutes of snooze time, normally therefore leading to a rush to get ready.

For many spaniards, a midday recuparative siesta has become an outdated practice, prefering instead to enjoy the daylight hours when they last, especially during the winter, however in Madrid a new kind of championship is out to change this!

Taking place on blue sofa's in the middle of a large shopping centre, any willing participants are invited to give it a go, and a clear range of outfits have been on show including comfy pyjamas, eyemasks or simply the good old trick of a jumper over your head.

No fear though, anyone taking part can't cheat, as all have pulse monitors attached and points are given depending on how much of the alloted 20 minutes that they are able to sleep. However on the bright side, special awards are given for the most original sleeping positions, most eyecatching outfits, and of course the loudest snore!

With an average of 50 people taking place everyday, the prize of 1.000€ is highly contested, and eight rounds of the competition running everyday, So who is the best Spaniard for taking a siesta??

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