England in Spain?!

by Laura Ellis on Wednesday, November 3, 2010

As much as I love the golden buildings, and altogether more typically "spanish" appearance of Salamanca, change is never a bad thing, and with only a matter of weeks remaining in Spain, it was clearly time for another exploratory trip this past weekend!

After the Barcelona experience, I was a little wary of a long bus journey, and so upon discovering it was only a four hour journey to the north coast of Asturias where a university friend is doing a assistantship placement, it seemed like a viable but not quite so extreme option... However standing in the freezing cold on Saturday morning, I'm not going to lie, it didn't seem like quite such a good idea!

One of the things that really struck me as we passed through Spain was the varied landscape, going from sparse and dry fields to vibrant green mountains and pastures was a bit of a change to sat the least, especially when you fall asleep and awake to a very different view, I was a little disorientated to say the least!

But, in amongst the trees and grass, industry started to appear along with towns as I reached my destination, and there waiting in the wind and rain at Gijón bus station was a vision of blondeness and home! After a quick mission to find a supermarket in order to stock up, and provide us with the energy very definitely needed..

So what did we see there. Well for a girl who normally lives by the sea, the beautiful coastline was a sight to behold, and despite the roaring winds and torrential rain it was most definitely my favourite part of the day. Soaked to the skin however, we were forced to scurry back, and soak up the very English landscape from a safer (and dryer!) point of view.

Monday, as is typical in Spain for a bank holiday, everywhere was closed, and so what had planned to be an exploration of Gijón (pronounced more like a donkey noise than the french equivalent as I quickly found out!) ended up more as a sucessive eating experience, as we struggled to find anywhere open at all! But luckily a very typical Sideria opened its doors to us and so we wiled the afternoon away comparing our experiences and making plans for Spain at Christmas! A good, yet fleeting trip by all accounts

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