Who says it doesn't get cold in Spain

by Kimberly on Friday, November 26, 2010

Low temperatures, wind, and snow have 29 provinces in 12 autonomous communities of Spain in alert. Learn about Spanish Regions here.

Of particular importance is the orange alert in Álava, Guipúszcoa, Vizcaya and Cantabria with risk of up to 5 centimeters of snow. The yellow alert, found in the rest of the provinces, is for cold weather, reaching -8ºC / 17ºF in Burgos and Soria.

Today the predictions indicated -6ºC / 21ºF in Aragón, Zaragoza, Madrid, La Rioja, Cuenca, Guadalajara, Ávila, León, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, and Zamora.

In Asturias, they are in yellow alert for snow. The good news is that this weekend 18 ski stations will open up offering over 350 km / 217mi of ski slopes in the Peaks of Europe and Pyrenean mountains.

Even the Spanish paradise of the Canary Islands is affected by the weather. In Gran Canaria, La Palma and Tenerife they are in yellow alert for high winds of up to 80 kph / 50 mph.

So if you are coming to Spain this winter, do not forget your coat!

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1 » Anonymous (on Wednesday, December 1, 2010) said:

Interesting post.  You are right - it is cold in Spain and its not officially the winter yet.  Find some free time and light up the log burner and have a nice glass of red wine.  

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