8 things I will miss about Spain - Last thoughts!

by Laura Ellis on Tuesday, December 14, 2010

So 6 months later and it's time for my return to England, and what a world away "normal" life seems!

What have I learnt during my time here, well where to begin, it's been at times a never-ending process, but now it feels as if I've barely been here at all and thus Christmas spirit is still not high on my agenda as it simply seems impossible! But yes, spanish life is very different from my norm at least!

So what has stood out the most.. Well it's hard to say, but here's a brief run down:

  • Tapas (or pinchos as they're more commonly known..) Yum. Definitely something I'm going to miss, tasty and a wide variety, and with a drink can cost as little as 2€.
  • Oil - large large quantities used in every single thing that you eat!
  • Sun - even in October we were still sunbathing, and the torrential snow that's hit most of Europe has hardly been seen here in Salamanca.
  • Nightlife - in my home town, EVERYTHING closes at 2am, here 6am is considered an early bedtime..
  • Siesta time - whilst late shop openings are never a bad thing (shopping until 9pm, yes please!), bank openings being limited to weekday mornings has definitely been a tricky one!
  • "Bajo del reloj" - at home the standard meeting place has always been outside the cinema.. Bit more impressive here in Salamanca (under the clock in Plaza Mayor) I have to say!
  • Mañana - in comparison to my very British idea of time keeping and organisation, Spain has revealed a much more laid back attitude with the idea of "mañana" being key in this culture. If something's not getting done, relax, there is always tomorrow!
  • Agradable - Everyone here says hello, whether it be work colleagues or a complete unknown on the street, completely proving the reputation of a very welcoming culture. Everyone has time to talk to you, whether a shop assistant, or even last weekend I had a chat with an old man simply because he was shocked that I wasn't wrapped up (10 degrees is practically freezing apparently.. )

So will I miss it, very definitely! In fact the idea that I'm not coming back doesn't seem real at all ...

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