Madrid Zoo is Home to New Born Baby

by Olivia Elson on Friday, July 30, 2010

Workers at Madrid’s Zoo-Aquarium were delighted to announce the birth of a baby orang-utan, for the first time in the zoo’s history.

The tiny creature, which is native to Borneo, was born on July 5th this year, at 6 in the morning, and weighed only 1.5 kilos. While fragile at first, he can now be seen at the zoo, enjoying life with the rest of his family.

His birth marks the beginning of the second generation of the species at the zoo, and is excellent news for conservation projects worldwide, many of which are attempting to save this endangered animal. Indeed, the current status of the species is estimated to be only 14% of what it once was.

The zoo is currently recruiting the help of children in deciding a name for the new arrival, on one condition – the name must begin with the same initial as that of his mother (P), a tradition which makes it easier to identify the orang-utans' family groups. Children have until the 31st August to submit their suggestions to

To see this cheeky little monkey (well, technically he’s an ape) and all the other animals, you can visit the Zoo-Aquarium from Monday to Saturday. For more information about exhibitions, special events, facilities, opening times and prices, click here.



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