by Laura Ellis on Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One of my primary missions as a citizen of Salamanca was to find my own place here. However, easy? I don’t think so!

First and possibly the most important element to decide was: who was I going to live with? Should it be a Spanish family, so as to feel more at home as well as the comfort of home cooked food, no bills and, hopefully, washing on tap? Or to search for a place of my own and although somewhat more expensive, it would mean no annoyance from someone else’s dirty socks? Or to share a flat with some Salamancan students, however the seasonality of their stay might make it trickier! Thus muy muy difícil para mí!

However a saviour came in the form of my fellow intern, and an ingenious plan to find a flat with Spaniards, and so the comfort of someone who I knew was there, but also a necessity to speak and improve my Spanish with our flatmates as well as the opportunity to get to know more local young people.

So the search began, and wow! Not only was there the net to trawl but also notices on every phone box or empty building you encountered, and by the end of just a weekend’s search, I felt I had more phone numbers than ever before in my life..

But, as we found out, landlords from whatever county are tricky things, and the rent was often doubled upon noting a slight language barrier, and many babbled down the phone before simply hanging up!

Luckily, eventually a couple of flats seemed to be right, now just to agree on a place, and suss out the dodgy from the gems! After a close call with a dubious man demanding three months rent in advance, we’ve eventually narrowed it down to two reasonably located flats, as well as not too bad cost, so here’s hoping we’ll have our own place this time next week!! (and maybe looking like this .. )



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