by Kimberly on Monday, July 12, 2010

I never used to like soccer, or as they call it in Europe “football”. That was before living and breathing the emotion and suffering the nervousness during a game for your selection.

Last night Spain became a world champion after beating Holland 1-0 in the final match in the South Africa World Cup. The game went into extra time and with only 4 minutes left Iniesta marked a goal in Spain’s favor. At that moment, you could hear screams and cries from every balcony, terrace, and bar all over Spain. That is when you start to get goose bumps.

After the game is when the real excitement starts. The streets are filled with cars honking and people dancing with every type of banner, scarf or flag available. The main streets of the city are shut down and in the place of cars Spaniards of every age get together to celebrate the victory.

This celebration traditionally would involve the large city fountains in which fans would jump into or climb up after a victory of this nature. However, in recent years this act has been controlled with local police setting up temporary fences around any public fountain and guarding it after any important match.

In place of this “fountain bathing” tradition, the environment you can expect to find now is just large numbers of people singing songs and making lots of noise. The song you most hear ringing throughout the streets is: “Yo soy Español, Español, Español.._!” (I am Spanish, Spanish, Spanish!!).

Today is Monday and, although groggy and tired, most Spaniards are back to work. It is widely recognized that today is probably going to be very little productive. The attitude is positive, the flags are still up and the people are still celebrating their big day.

If you are visiting Spain or living here I can safely say that if today you do like soccer than you probably never will. Spain, WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! It does not get much better than this.

¡Qué Viva España!



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