Crossing our fingers for Spain's Rafael Nadal

by Kimberly on Monday, September 13, 2010

nadalSpain's Rafael Nadal, World ranked number one tennis player from Mallorca, could become the first person since 1969 to win the US Open, the French Open, and Wimbeldon - a career grand slam at the young age of 24 years old. If he succeeds he will be only the seventh man in tennis history to do so.

Federer is out and Nadal was set to face off with Djokovic but heavy rains have delayed the event by a day. Both will likely meet up face to face today, more rested than expected and the stakes are high. The delay is likely more beneficial to Djokovic as he admits to being tired after his 3 hour and 44 minute winning match with legendary tennis player Federer.

Djokovic trails Nadal 14-7 in their head-to-head confontations but the Serbian has beat Nadal in their last three meetings and has a 7-2 win/loss record on hard courts against the left-handed Nadal. If Nadal is able to defeat him without dropping a set, he will be the first tennis player to do so in the US open since 1960.

Spain will be watching today and crossing their finger's for Rafael Nadal - possibly one of the best tennis players in history!

Spanish sports are hot this year after taking home the World Soccer Cup and shining in almost every sport on the planet. However, in basketball they just recently lost their title of World Champions back to team USA.

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1 » Kim_Defrate (on Tuesday, September 14, 2010) said:

Hey won! Rafa Nadal is officially the youngest tennis player to have achieved a career grand slam! Congratulations! Spaniards went to bed last night around midnight with the game on pause due to the rain and woke up this morning to the good news on the radio! Congrats Rafa Nadal!!!!!