Spanish Designer Creates Revolutionary New Product

by Olivia Elson on Monday, September 20, 2010

A Spanish designer has been in the fashion, technological and medical spotlights over the last few days after revealing his fascinating new invention - spray-on clothing that can be washed and worn again!

Along with scientists at Imperial College London, Manel Torres invented a spray of tiny fibres and polymers which create a seamless fabric when applied to the body. The outcome varies depending on whether wool, linen or acrylic fibres are used and depending on what colour they are.

The ultimate figure-hugging garment, a t-shirt takes around 15 minutes to spray on – somewhat longer than the few seconds needed to pull on a normal piece of clothing! But the potential uses for this new technology stretch far beyond the fashion world, with other possible applications in upholstery for cars and furniture, as well as in medical fields, including spray-on bandages and hygiene wipes, which would not require any pressure or contact on wounds or burns, for example.

Watch a video of this intriguing new technology in action here.

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