Thinking about studying at don Quijote?

by Laura Ellis on Monday, September 20, 2010

Whilst researching things to do in Salamanca this weekend, an article that I stumbled across caught my eye. Detailing the experience had by a Don Quijote competition winner, one can clearly see within this why you should consider a stay here with us!

I found it really interesting primarily because it does show the wide range of activities that one can do here in Spain whilst studying, whilst also the true Spanish experience that can be had. The importance of cultural elements such as flamenco and singing lessons, as well as day trips to far off and uncovered places makes a good idea sound idyllic!

From talking to other students, I have often found that the largest problem had by prospective students is that of picking their city, and this was clearly something that the competition winner puzzled over, but from this, what I have learnt is that every city has something for everyone, whether it be a raving nightlife or a picturesque landscape

So check out Language advantage's site and see what Lisa Zealey had to say about her stay at don Quijote here!

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