La Alberca: a true beauty spot

by Amy Lambert on Thursday, January 20, 2011

la albercaAfter spending Saturday admiring Salamanca’s wonderful architecture, a friend suggested driving to the nearby town of La Alberca on Sunday, to sample something a little more rural. I was eager as always to see somewhere new, so we wrapped up warm and set off into the hills.

The fog that morning was pretty thick and our journey was marked by very slow and careful driving, as well as my friend’s mum constantly calling to make sure we were still ok. However, on reaching the surroundings of La Alberca, which is in the hills of the Sierra de Francia, we were stunned by the scenery that suddenly came into view. All at once, we were able to see peaks, valleys, fields and small rural towns for miles around. It really was picture perfect!

We drove a little further to reach La Alberca itself, which is full of authentic charm. It is made up a labyrinth of beautiful little streets with their old houses, unique craft shops and quaint tapas bars which were filled with chattering locals. Its rare beauty and originality makes it a popular tourist spot, but in the winter it was somewhat quieter, meaning we could sample some of the local delicacies without being too overcrowded. I was quite adventurous with my tapas order, although I think it will probably be the last time I have the oreja de cerdo (pig’s ear)!

There was also the iglesia and the plaza mayor to visit, and we took hundreds of pictures of the beautiful scenery on the way – always a good way to make friends and family at home jealous! At 1084m above sea level, the views from the town are particularly stunning, although this does come with very harsh temperatures during the winter, as I found out.

Once we were back on the road, the gloomy fog soon surrounded us once again. La Alberca truly is a unique and magical spot, and when the spring comes round and its famous flowers are back in bloom, I’ll definitely be paying it another visit.

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