VivAmérica Festival comes to Spain

by Kimberly on Thursday, October 6, 2011

The VivAmérica Festival, organized by the cultural center Casa América based in Madrid, is entering into its fifth edition this October.

The event’s them is “Ideas that Look Forward” and brings together professionals from all walks of life from Spain and Latin America: artists, writers, politicians and thinkers. This is the first year that the VivAmerica will come to Cádiz, as well as 16 cities throughout the American continent including Bogota, Buenos Aires and Quito. Currently the event is taking place in Madrid, from October 4-9, at Casa de América as well as various venues in Cádiz.

What can you expect from this diverse festival? Here are some of the things they are featuring this year:

  • Photographic Exhibition: “Otras Miradas. Fotógrafas en México (1872 – 1960)”. This exhibit features pictures taken by prominent women including Frida Kahlo and Tina Modotti.
  • Films: Las razones del corazón (The reasons of the heart), which recently premiered at the San Sebastián Film Festival, is just one of the films that visitors may screen at VivAmérica.
  • Lectures and discussions: A variety of topics will be covered from immigration to science.
  • Live Music: A variety of artists from salsa to Latin Jazz. In Madrid, more than 20 groups from over 12 countries will play free concerts in the streets of Madrid.

Take a look at this video to see some important Latin figures who will be participating this year:

If you are in Madrid this month, dont miss it! Stop by Casaméric a Plaza de la Cibeles, 2 in Madrid for all the fun! For information about events in South America, visit the Casamérica event program.

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