Learn Spanish at World Youth Day - Madrid 2011

by Paqui on Wednesday, August 17, 2011

world youth dayCelebrations for World Youth Day will take place, from the 16th August 2011 until the 21st of the same month, in Madrid. A mass event organised by the Catholic Church along with the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. There are expected to be 1.5 million people attending the multitude of organised events that include a High Mass, confessions, museum visits, concerts etc. The majority of the events will be conducted in Spanish language, however, during these days, almost all the languages of the World will be spoken in Madrid as World Youth Day is designed to bring young people from all over the world together.

The organisation behind World Youth Day has promised that this year will be the greenest in history, that is the most ecologically friendly, and in order to achieve this, the organisation has taken a series a measures to enable the reduction of CO2. There will be proposals to share cars, energy generating bikes and a network of 600 recycling points.

World Youth Day took place for the first time in Rome in 1986, promoted by Pope Jean Paul II. From this moment on, it has been celebrated in different cities every two or three years: Buenos Aires, Santiago de Compostela, Czestochowa, Denver, Manila, Paris, Rome, Toronto, Cologne, Sydney, and this year, Madrid. In many of the celebrations Spanish has been the language used to carry out activities and organize events.

In Madrid, once more, these events will be in Spanish, creating a great opportunity to learn Spanish since thousands of young people will have travelled all over Spain to assemble, finally, in the capital, after practising Spanish throughout Spain.

It’s another way of living Spanish.

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