Let It Snow!

by Dilek on Friday, January 20, 2012

World Snow Day (Día Mundial de la Nieve) is an annual show which takes place as a part of the international FIS (Fédération Internationale de Ski - The International Ski Federation) campaign 'Bring Children to the Snow’ introduced in 2007. World Snow Day will be comprised of various activities, taking place simultaneously on a single weekend around the world.

This year Candanchú skiing resort, which is situated in the Aragonese Pyrenees (in the province of Huesca, Spain), has prepared activities focusing on World Snow Day, both recreational and full of competition. The resort is on the Spanish-French border in the centre of the Pyrenees, 385 kilometres north west of Barcelona.

The program as follows:

- University Day in the Snow (January 20): This is a traditional Candanchú activity, fully penetrates into the concept of the World Snow Day, since it brings snow to all students at the University of Navarra, that gives them a full day of energy, good atmosphere and lots of snow

- Rector University of Navarra In Alpine Skiing and Snowboar Trophy (January 20): an almost festive competition to find out who is the best skier and snowboarder at the University, puts a lot of pressure and guarentees maximum competitiveness.

- Exhibition of photographs, clothing and other material relating to skiing in the 50's: at the Hotel Edelweiss from day 16 to 22. Impressive changes in the material and the mountain itself over the past 50 years is a must see.

- "Vintage Week" is held in the same hotel under the same setting on Saturday 21, you can enjoy the night with 50's music and atmosphere in the cafe. The good work of the staff of Hotel Edelweiss will make you to go back in time.

- Spain Championship Winter Triathlon (Walking Race on the streets of Jaca, biking from Jaca to Candanchú and cross country skiing in the station, 21st of January): Candanchú retrieve this triathlon, which is done in the more traditional form which is so-called "all snow" for many years. More than 200 registered participants struggle to be the best winter triathlete of Spain. As usual, cross-country skiing will determine the final classification. The first runner reaches Candanchú around 12.30 h.

- Pirena 2012 (Sled Dog Racing): With the lack of snow at the Circuit de Tramacastilla, Candanchú host two stages of this competition, opening on Sunday 22 and the stage of Candanchú on Monday 23rd. This record-breaking edition of Pirena participation and monitoring, consolidates itself as the most important test of its own kind in Europe and one of the leading worldwide. Departure: 10 hours, downhill circuit of Candanchú.

- Inter Gymkhana Club "World Snow Day": The club that works with Candanchú, offers the opportunity to have fun and to measure the ability of skiing in a small plot of obstacles and traps to be installed in the track "Slalom". Nearly 500 young people is expected to participate in this entertaining test.

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