Best Time to Visit Chile and Learn Spanish

by Dilek on Tuesday, December 18, 2012

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Chile, lies from north to south on the very west part of South America is neighbors with Argentina, Bolivia and Peru. Within various options to enjoy you can go skiing and continue chilling out at golden beaches next to Pacific Ocean.

Having presented many important literary figures like Gabriela Mistral, Pablo Neruda or Isabel Allende, this Latin American country proved its cultural richness introducing a deep and blend background along with dignity after going through a tough political stage. Right now it is one of the most popular emerging countries to invest and learn Spanish. 

The capital city Santiago welcomes the visitors with the wonderful image of snowy Andes and offering a vast of places to-go. On top of the list is Plaza de Armas which is the public square and the heart of the old city. Here is the meeting point for everyone and offers a panoramic view of the city centre. Another must see place is The Cathedral of Santiago or the Pedro de Valdivia statue and of course not to forget Palacio de la Moneda (La Moneda Palace). Barrio Patronato offers you the best prices for shopping or to find the shops of Luis Vuitton, Armani and many more top fashion brands the address is Alonso de Córdova. La Chascona, which is located at bohemian zone called Bellavista, is one of the houses of the poet Pablo Neruda. There you can see his personal items and writings as well as other belongings of his friends.

Getting a bit far from the capital and to explore the beautiful landscape, you should go up to the Andes where there are 18 ski centers such as Valle Nevado, Portillo, El Colorado or 5 knds of penguins spreading to several parts yet mostly in the south are waiting for you. Valparaiso as said in its name looks like a paradise with golden beaches and the typical colorful Chilean houses. Viña del Mar, situated in north-east of Santiago is a wonderful getaway holiday destination. In this region one place that is worth to see called Isla de Pascua (Easter Island) also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There are more than 800 statues created by the local Rapanui people. The Atacama Desert being the driest desert in the world is a great place for astronomic observations and sports activities like sandboarding.

It is quite amazing for such a small country in size to be the host of many historical and natural sights. While the summer breeze has just reached recently, it is the perfect time to learn Spanish and get to know Latin American culture in Chile.

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