A Pleasing Summer Activity: Football Camps

by Dilek on Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Football can be accepted as one of the most favourite sports in Europe and in Spain it is almost impossible not to be addicted. Young or old everyone is interested in watching games and it is very rare that anyone who misses watching “El Clasico”. Because of this huge interest football clubs offer summer camps. Football camps are specifically for children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years and there is no need to be an expert to participate in the camp, just be willing to learn more technical and tactical about the game.

Barcelona football campBarcelona Football Camp

Barcelona Football Club offers summer camps during July and August. The students are resided in Sarria University Hall of Residence, located in a safe area with a beautiful scenery. Training practices will be at the Ciutat Esportiva (Sport City), the premier training facility used by the FC Barcelona first team.
The Real Madrid Camp is located at the Universidad Europea de Madrid on the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus. The students accomodate and train in that area. Both clubs have entertaining activities like visiting the stadiums and museums. It is possible to meet famous players like Messi and Ronaldo or even play with them.

If you want to be a player even recruited by a major club like these two, it is important to attend a camp, show and improve your talents. This is simply for students to get in contact with children of their own age and learn as much as possible from the experts. Most of the young people attending the camp, have the desire to become a professional in the future and be seen and spotted by the best teams in the world. In addition, there are specific programs for goalkeepers, where they teach all the techniques, how to develop reflexes, how to analyze a game from that area , what to say to team mates, how to catch a penalty, and so on. Lectures are also included, so they can have a comprehensive understanding of football or sport in particular and general, with videos and articles on healthy eating, competitive drills, etc..

A football camp is a great idea for the upcoming holidays and is during your stay Spanish is the main language for communication with your trainers, team mates and local people. Before you start your training you can improve your Spanish in summer camps designed for kids and teenagers selecting one of the many locations in Spain. So you can be 1-0 ahead in the game. Here is a list of Spanish football vocabulary before kicking off a football career in Spain.

Campamentos de fútbol = Football Camps
Adolescentes = Teenagers
Jugador fichado = A player that will likely to become pro.
Planear = To plan
Porteros = Goalkeepers
Atajar un penal = Catch a penalty
Fuera de juego = Offside
Tiro libre = Freekick
Anotarse = Sign up
Habilidades = Skills
Sancionado = Suspended, fined
Burlarse = Make fun of
Ambiente = Atmosphere
Alimentación = Food/Health care

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