Get Yourself A Costume! It is Carnival Time in Spain

by Dilek on Monday, February 6, 2012

It’s February and everyone is looking forward to enjoy the festivals in Spain. There are three famous, vibrant and entertaining carnivals you should check during these days. These carnivals are must-see events to live Spanish culture and entertainment style.

Carnival of Badajoz (17 - 21 February 2012): Badajoz is located in the Extremadura region at the Portugal border. It is a small city with almost 150.000 habitants and It is a 4-hour distance from Salamanca by bus. It is considered one of the best carnivals in Spain and has been active for 31 years. Several months before February, people design costumes generally in an artisan way, prepare their disguises original they will wear in the Contest.
In Lopez de Ayala Theatre there will be concerts and special shows which you can hear satiric lyrics

Carnival of Cadiz (16 - 26 February 2012): Cadiz is a small and lively Andalusian city that offers all the beauties of south in this carnival. Carnival of Cadiz is said to be the third largest Carnival celebration in the world (after Rio de Janeiro and Trinidad). African and Creole rhythms, sambas, rangeuras and rustic Colombian tunes all mix in the streets with traditional flamenco music. Local people work hard throughout the year to develop their acts and perfect their performances. Most of them compete at the city's Gran Teatro Falla.

Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (15 - 26 February 2012): Tenerife is the capital of the Canary Islands and it is considered to be the second-most popular and internationally-known carnival, after Rio de Janeiro. The carnival takes place in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the areas near the port where people dance to the sound of the best Salsa groups. After the Queen of the Carnival is selected, the celebrations begin with the Parade.Nearly all the inhabitants of Tenerife prepare incredible fancy dress outfits and then show them off during the whole festival.

The most important characteristics of these carnivals are;

Parades: Except from the local people you can see Murgas. The Murga is a group of between 10 and 15 components, their role is to make songs mostly satirical, comic or complaint for the costumes, centered on current events locally or nationally.

Bands: the troupe is a group of at least 30 members, that encourage the people through parades to the beat of drums percussion, lefties, simple boxes and rumba, campanillos, gourds, tambourines etc. and the execution extolling its colorful choreography and spectacular costumes created, designed and confecionados by members of the troupe with its outstanding artistic and evocative hats.

Groups: These groups are often formed gang of friends or relatives who prepare their costume together, which are all the same so as to create usually a satirical or funny scene.

Disguise: It is very important for all of these carnivals. Not only local people but also visitors from outside prepare costumes.

Street: It all begins and ends here. Everyone enjoys the music, food, entertainment on the streets and it never stops till the end of the carnival.

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