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by Dilek on Thursday, March 22, 2012

The DELE diploma is an official qualification demonstrating Spanish competence that is internationally recognized in academic and business areas for non-native Spanish speakers.

The exam is issued by Cervantes Institute on behalf of Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and is held in official examination centers which are not only in Spain but also in other countries. There are six levels under three parts in the exam.

Basic level (Nivel Inicial) A1 and A2
Intermediate level (Nivel Intermedio) B1 and B2
Advanced level (Nivel Superior) C1 and C2

Statistics and experiences from the students show that, preliminary study for DELE is essential. Taking at least a four-week DELE preparation course, if possible a closer period to exam, increases the success rate in the exam. DELE courses are designed specifically based on the structure of DELE and offer great advantage with a lot of practice before the exam. If the Spanish knowledge is at basic level, it is highly recommended to take a general course then continue to a DELE course.

The exam for the first two levels (A1,A2) have four parts and the other four levels (B1,B2,C1,C2) have five parts The time given for level A1 is 105 minutes, A2 is 160 minutes, B1 is 170, B2 is 220, C1 is 240 and C2 is 270 minutes.

The first part examines the student's reading comprehension. After reading a text which is varied in vocabulary depending on the level, students answer multiple choice questions.
In the second part writing competence is examined.
In the third part the student answers a number of questions after listening to an audio text.
The fourth part examines the grammar and vocabulary. The student answers several multiple choice questions and fill the blanks in the given sentences.
The last part is testing the oral competence. The student is interviewed and must talk about a given topic in Spanish.

The student must be at least %70 successful in each part. One of the most important thing before the exam that the student is aware of which level he should take. The differences in learning a language between students also affect the preparation period. So it is important to consult an accredited language course about the levels and the exam. Since the exam is awarded by Spanish organizations, the vocabulary and the expressions are mostly from Castilian (the official language of Spain), so this is another reason why it is better to prepare the exam in Spain.

According to statistics of Cervantes Institute, a good preparation and the right choice of level are directly related in achieving an efficient result from DELE.The number of the students taking the exam, is rising gradually owing to the high demand of Spanish in academic and business world.

This year DELE exam will be held in May, August and November. For the exam on 25th of May, there is a great offer that you can start a DELE preparation course in Spain and get your diploma in a few weeks!

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