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by Hannah Ryan on Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy birthday today to Javier Mascherano! The Argentine footballer, who is currently playing for FC Barcelona, is also an Olympic reigning champion! Not only that, but, he won his second Olympic gold medal with Argentina in the Beijing 2008 Games, and is the first male footballer to achieve this since 1928!

Unfortunately the Argentine footballers didn’t qualify for the upcoming London games, but there is Spain, Mexico, Honduras and Uruguay for the hispanohablentes to support! Now, football is simply fútbol in Spanish, but how much other Olympic Games vocabulary do you know?!

The Juegos Olímpicos, or the J.J.O.O (Olympic Games) are organised by the Comité Olímpico Internacional, (International Olympic Committee) who are called the C.O.I for short. They supervise the overall running of los juegos, right from the choosing la cuidad sede (host city) to the la ceremonia de clausura (the closing ceremony). La antorcha olímpica (the Olympic torch) is already making its way around the Reino Unido (UK), and will be part of the lavish ceremonia de apertura (opening ceremony), which will take place in the recently finished estadio olímpico (Olympic stadium).

Out of all of las pruebas (the events), I’m most looking forward to la gymnasia (gymnastics). It’s my favourite deporte olímpico (Olympic sport), and there are so many different aparatos (apparatus) to within the same discipline; there’s el suelo (the floor), all the different types of barras (bars) to master, plus el potro con arcos (the pummel horse) for men. After the el campeonato mundial (world championships) earlier this year, Spanish Sara Moreno is the current campeona (champion).

I can’t wait to see if Usain Bolt will be on form again. After breaking el récord mundial (world record) in Beijing, he stunned everyone by admitting his entrenamiento (training) involved eating chicken nuggets! The deportista (athlete) will be looking to ganar (win) again this year, after winning 3 medallas de oro (gold medals) at the last Juegos Olímpicos.

Atletismo (athletics) is one of the most popular parts of the games, with el recinto (the arena) always full of spectators for the las carreras de velocidad (sprinting events), los lanzaminetos (throwing events), and los saltos (the jumping events). The carrera de relevos (relay) is one of the most anticipated competiciones (competitions), but I really enjoy watching las carreras de vallas (hurdling).

So best of luck to all the jugadores (players) in Juegos Olímpicos! Preparados, listos… Ya! (On your marks, get ready, go!)

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1 » Anonymous (on Tuesday, July 24, 2012) said:

¡Gracias por el blog, es muy útil para todos los que queremos aprender bien el idioma! ¡Enhorabuena!

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