The 2012 Biennial Flamenco Festival in Seville

by Tyson on Thursday, August 30, 2012

Flamenco Festival in Seville

The 2012 Seville flamenco biennial festival in Seville starts on September 7th. Flamenco lovers won’t want to miss this edition of the spectacular month long festival that celebrates one of Spain’s most beloved artistic traditions. The festival gives visitors a unique opportunity to discover today’s most vibrant flamenco artists and to understand why dramatic flamenco guitar playing, dancing and canto jondo (deep song), have come to symbolize Spain’s rich culture.

Andalusia and Seville in particular, have long been associated with the origins of flamenco. The city has produced some of this Spanish art’s most illustrious figures. The Triana neighborhood is the center of the city’s flamenco tradition. The area is located near the Guadalquiver River, which cuts right through the middle of town. Its cool sparkling waters provide a refreshing backdrop to Seville’s sizzling nightlife. Going out for tapas and listening to music on warm Andalusian nights in the many bars that flank the picturesque river is always a memorable experience.

The theme for this year’s festival is “de cuerpo y alma” (from body and soul), and it will showcase some of flamenco’s latest rising stars such as Jesus Carmona and Sara Catero. The international flamenco community will keep a watchful eye on the latest styles featured in the Seville biennial, as these will have an enormous impact on flamenco trends around the world. The festival sets a tone and standard for flamenco’s evolving traditions.

Performances and activities are scheduled throughout each day until programming closes on October 6. The legendary Spanish guitarist Paco de Lucia closed the last edition of the biennial event with a memorable concert. The festival will offer 70 different shows, many of which will be opening performances. Performances will take place in many of the city’s most emblematic theaters, monuments and streets. The Teatro Maestranza, Teatro Lope de Vega and the Royal Alcazar will all be filled with passionate song, graceful movements and uproarious applause. The beauty of the Alcazar constitutes a spectacle in itself. This Moorish fortress is used today as a royal palace, making it the palace with the longest royal use in Europe. It is still the official residency of the king and queen of Spain when they visit the city. The Hotel Triana will also host several performances. The hotel is located in the Triana neighborhood, famous as a historical center for flamenco arts and culture.

Beginning September 7th, hundreds of anxious performers cordially invite you to feel the hypnotic rhythms of handclapping, foot stomping, cajon drumming and castañuelo clicking that will reverberate through the cobblestone streets and classic stone monuments of this engaging city.

In addition to performances, many other events will take place. Photo exhibits use visual language to expose observers to flamenco’s bold history and award ceremonies will honor the culture’s most deserving artists.

Ticket prices vary depending on event venues. The most expensive tickets range from around 40€ for patio seating at FIBE auditorium events. For those on a budget, street performances are of course, always free. Tickets to watch events in the stunning Alcazar cost 30€.  

Remember, this festival only comes around once every two years. Come soak up the flavor of Spain. You may even feel inspired by the passion and beauty of flamenco dance to stick around and learn the sensual and graceful moves for yourself. Flamenco lessons are available to anyone interested, as are Spanish language classes.

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