Top Ten Summer Destinations in Spain

by Lauris on Friday, February 22, 2013

Summer in Spain

At don Quijote, we're preparing an unforgettable summer for you. Come visit these summer destinations, where unique Spanish experiences await.

  1. Alicante
    Alicante means golden beaches and a city that is perfect for taking relaxing walks in while chatting with Alicantinos. A trip to the island of Tabarca will give you the chance to behold wonderfully preserved nature of the Mediterranean coast.
  2. Barcelona
    Summer nights in Barcelona are all about spectacular experiences at theatres, parties and city terraces. Spend a magical evening hanging out in Gaudi's Park Guell, a special prologue to a warm night meeting friends on Las Ramblas. You also won't want to miss the Mercado de la Boquería, a Mediterranean market surrounded by fantastic restaurants.
  3. Cadiz
    Cadiz is a unique town that features the best cultural and geographical elements of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. The friendliness of the gaditanos (people from Cadiz) will make you feel at home in this city that welcomes all travelers, a place that's just minutes from the wineries of Jerez de la Frontera and the most beautiful horses in the world at the Real Escuela del Arte Ecuestre (Royal School of the Equestrian Arts).
  4. Granada
    In Granada, summer is a time for enjoying delicious tapas on terraces along the river and visiting the Alhambra by night, where you'll discover the magic hidden within the impressive palace walls. The Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the Tropical Coast are both right next door, places accustomed to receiving visitors from all over the world and where summertime adventures await.
  5. Madrid
    During the summer months, many people from Madrid get away from the city, which turns it into a relatively quiet place without the crowds and with reasonable amounts of traffic. Here, the terraces on the Paseo de Recoletos walkway become a spot where night owls meet up and make new friends. If it gets a little hot during the day, you always have the option of beating the heat by slipping into one of the city's many museums, or just by drifting into Retiro Park, the heart of Madrid summers.
  6. Malaga
    Malaga sits right on the Costa del Sol, where the Pablo Picasso house-museum is a must-visit attraction along with fantastic beaches. Malaga cuisine will open your eyes to the delicious flavors of the famous Mediterranean diet.
  7. Marbella
    Just around the corner from Malaga we find Marbella, where the jet-set from around the world come to gather in the city's restaurants, terraces and exclusive shops while a more laid back Andalusia community welcomes visitors in the city's old town. If you like golf, you can play a round on some of the country's finest courses.
  8. Pamplona
    Summer doesn't just mean beach experiences. In July, there's one place that all Spaniards want to visit, especially if it's the 7th: Pamplona. The Sanfermines festival that captivated Hemingway - and many others- turns this city into a hive of joyous and lively activity that begins at sunrise and carries on well into the night. Visiting this city is a special opportunity to personally experience one of Spain's oldest traditions.
  9. Seville
    Flamenco, the largest gothic cathedral in the world, legendary tapas, Seville. The monumental character of the city, the neighborhood of Santa Cruz and Maria Luisa park are all places you'll plan to see by day so that in the evening, you can be entertained by the wit of the waiters and the sevillanos taking walks on Betis Street and out in the Triana neighborhood and also along the Guadalquivir River, with a fish tapa in one hand and a beer in the other: the perfect balance.
  10. Salamanca
    Salamanca is one of Spain's most important university towns for international students. The town's university traditions, its historic monuments and artistic character, the exceptional beauty and variety of its bars and cafés all help make this a place where making new friends is not only easy, it's inevitable. The heart of Salamanca beats to the rhythm of Spanish.
  11. Tenerife
    This may be a top ten list, but we're giving you a little bit extra this month with two more essential destinations: Tenerife, the island of eternal spring, with some of the best surf spots and surprising underwater landscapes to explore while diving. Puerto de la Cruz, on the north side of the island, is a perfect place to organize your vacation. On this mini continent, you'll climb up to Teide peak, stroll through prehistoric forests and take a refreshing dip at the beach all while you watch your Spanish improve.
  12. Valencia
    This capital city is a sunny place that offers infinite summer vacation possibilities: the old riverbed of the Turia has been converted into a park that functions as the backbone of the city. The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia is spectacular (the oceanographic here is the biggest in Europe), La Albufera, beaches where you'll enjoy the best paella imaginable... Valencia is the cherry on top of this cake of vacation destination ideas.




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