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by Tyson on Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Business Spanish

A Business Solution

The world is networking, cultures are coming together, economies are connecting, businesses unbound by borders are building bonds. Ours is an increasingly globalized world, a place where monolingual English speaking professionals are increasingly edged out of business positions by multilingual colleagues who can hurdle language barriers. It’s a world where nearly 500 million people speak Spanish. Having a great time in a business Spanish course preparing to share a special connection with roughly half a billion global citizens just makes good business sense.

A wise investment. An unforgettable experience

It’s no secret that full cultural and linguistic immersion in a country that speaks your target language, combined with intensive formal instruction, is the learning formula that produces maximum results. Don’t have much time availability? Keep in mind that just 2 to 4 weeks of a course specifically designed to build your business Spanish skills can equip you with communication tools that will make mobility in Spanish speaking business spheres more comfortable, and relationships more personal and direct. The ability to engage clients and colleagues in their own language helps earn trust; a competitive advantage for professionals in any international field.

When you head off to your host country, prepare to absorb the rich textures of language and culture that will surround you every day, where you’ll gain first-hand insight into the life of a different country. Awareness and sensitivity to cultural differences are essential to language study and effective communication in international contexts. Observing your own command of Spanish as it noticeably increases is in itself an enjoyable and highly rewarding experience, particularly when taking your newly acquired Spanish abilities outside of the classroom to interact with the residents of your study destination.   

Positions available. Spanish speakers needed

A business Spanish course abroad is also an ideal solution for college students, recent grads, and job seekers hoping to enhance their résumés. Employers value candidates with global skills, and speaking the Western Hemisphere’s most widely understood language (Spanish) is clearly a global skill. Spanish is in fact the second most spoken language in the world in terms of native speakers after Chinese. The growing economies of many Latin American countries have increased international trade en español.  

When you return from your life changing experience building Spanish skills abroad, you’ll feel fully prepared to join the conversation. Developing Spanish communication skills and cultural appreciation fosters understanding, gains confidence, and increases international business competitiveness, qualities employers love to see. International study experience also proves that you embrace challenges and have dealt with the challenges of adapting to new environments; attractive selling points when convincing companies that you’ll make an ideal addition to their international team.

A globalizing world

International borders appear increasingly blurry as technological advances make international communication more convenient and cost effective. Members of the global business community increasingly rely on foreign language skills when making direct contact with clients and colleagues. Speaking the native language of your partners and customers gives you an invaluable advantage, as it allows you to create a personal relationship that you just don’t get when depending on an interpreter. A Spanish business course in a Spanish speaking country will give you the language to build productive relationships, and you may even make personal or professional connections with your classmates, as you will all share a common goal; to speak better Spanish for doing great business.

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