Zombie Adventure in Spain

by John Bascombe on Thursday, November 13, 2014

Zombie Adventure

A number of observers, perhaps awestruck by the convincing portrayal of the undead in popular film and TV programming, seem under the growing suspicion that the world will soon experience a zombie apocalypse. Theories supporting the concern abound. Some are kind of convincing. Ever wonder how you would react? What strategies would you adopt in your desperate attempts to guarantee survival?

Not satisfied with just wondering what a zombie attack scenario would be like, in Spain hundreds of fans of zombie entertainment have taken their curious passion to the next level by participating in fun and exciting competitions which reenact, in frightening detail, full-fledged infestations. World Real Games (WRG) has organized a number of these so-called Zombie Survival events throughout the year in small towns all over Spain. Many of these took place in the last few weeks. The latest was a very special edition held in Aldeaduero (Salamanca) from Halloween to Nov. 2, 2014; that’s 48 hours of live zombie action.

If onscreen zombie drama seems creepy, imagine coming face to face with a horde of hungry walking cadavers. As the name of the event suggests, the goal here is to survive. You have to try to find the only way out of the infected town; by way of helicopter or hot air balloon. You must find the hidden sky transport by following clues, but do it without getting touched by a zombie. If you get tagged you’ll join the ranks of the zombies for the rest of the game in their mindless quest to infect all. Competing teams may send scouts to watch other teams, some people will help while others will purposely trick others, some actors will guide and others will offer false clues.

In the latest edition, soft combat Airsoft weapons were available to participants to eliminate zombies. The Survival Zombie website however warns users that it may be best to leave the zombie slaying to soldiers enlisted for that purpose, explaining “if you shoot a zombie that hasn’t attacked you, you’ll just end up attracting the attention of more zombies”. It goes on to advise “don’t make things complicated for yourself, we’ll take care of that for you”. You’re also recommended to play smart. It seems that in the 2012 edition, many ill-advised participants had completely squandered all their strength within the first few hours of zombie competition. The game lasted for 10 hours. It’s also a good idea to stick with your team.

During the 48 hour 2014 Halloween event, participants had to schedule their own time to eat and rest. The only area of the zombie combat zone off limits to game action was within participants’ accommodation, and only if you locked the door. You could be expelled from competition if you broke the rules, which included: drinking alcohol or using any type of drug during the game. Any type of physical or verbal aggression was also strictly prohibited. You couldn’t set traps that go against the rules either, like elaborate zombie ambushes.

The zombie adventure is quite realistic, where cops in full combat gear, bloodied zombies slowly advancing along the street, and survivors looking for clues all take over the different small towns that host the event.

If living out the adrenaline-charged nightmare sounds fun to you, you can sign up for the 13 edition of Survival Zombie which is scheduled to take place on November 29 in Quijorna (Madrid). It kicks off at 8 pm and rages on until 4 am.

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