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Mercado de la Lonja del Barranco, much more than a market.

by Trad by Mark on Monday, February 26, 2018

Today we decided to go for a "mercantile" trip around the city of Seville. We are going to visit one of the most important markets in the city and tell you all the secrets, so when you visit Seville you know where to go… read more »

All about Spanish Names, Nicknames and Last Names

by Becca on Friday, February 16, 2018

One of the "tricky" questions related to Spanish culture is about Spanish names; along with all of the history and tradition involved in Spanish name culture. Imagine you’ve just arrived in Spain; now, imagine you’re introduced to someone named "Pepe García Paredes." You might think his name, based on the order it comes in, is: first name, Pepe; middle name, García; last name, Paredes. But after a week or so in Spain, you will have discovered that García is not his middle name at all, but rather part of his last name. Then you might think, "ok, his name is Pepe and his last name is García-Paredes," (one of those curious hyphenated last names). But no, after another week or so you realize that they are actually two different last names: one is García and the other, Paredes. And then, to complicate things even further, after another week in Spain, you realize that his given name is actually not Pepe, but rather José… read more »

En torno a los nombres, apodos y apellidos españoles

by Diego on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Una de las cuestiones “peliagudas” en torno a la cultura española es la de los nombres y todo lo que ello conlleva. Bien… si te presentan a un tal “Pepe García Paredes” te haces la composición de lugar: su primer nombre es Pepe, el segundo García y su apellido es Paredes. Sin embargo, tras una semana descubres que García no es un segundo nombre sino un apellido. Bien, piensas que se llama Pepe y su apellido es García-Paredes (uno de esos curiosos apellidos compuestos). Pues no, pasa otra semana y te das cuenta de que los suyos son dos apellidos diferenciados: por un lado García y por otro Paredes. Para colmo, tras otra semana más te das cuenta de que su nombre no es Pepe sino José… read more »

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