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5 best schools to learn Spanish

by Vanessa Johnson on Thursday, May 24, 2018

Ready to take your Spanish to the next level? Even if you’ve already studied at a Spanish language school, studying in a Spanish-speaking country will expand your mind in ways you never thought possible, plus you’ll get to travel and experience a new culture while you build your résumé. … read more »

Why learn Spanish

by Steven Rodríguez on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Did you ever take a Spanish class in high school but never really felt you could use it in real-life situations? Studying Spanish abroad will put what you learned in class to the test. Immersing yourself in a language allows you to dive into a different culture and learn Spanish faster than in a classroom. Living abroad you will hear, read, write, and speak Spanish constantly. Did you know Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 1/3 of a billion speakers worldwide! Here are the top reasons why you should learn Spanish abroad :… read more »

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