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Vineyards near Barcelona to Visit this Autumn

by alison.chou on Monday, September 19, 2016

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Viñedos cerca de Barcelona para visitar este otoño

by Diego on Sunday, September 18, 2016

Disfruta del mejor otoño en Barcelona: los viñedos más extraordinarios, vinos exquisitos y paisajes que te dejarán sin habla por toda Cataluña. Es octubre, lo que significa que el otoño ya ha llegado. ¿Y quién no adora esta bella y refrescante estación? El sofocante calor del otoño finalmente se desvanece y es reemplazado por una fresca brisa que nos invita a ponernos nuestros jerséis y bufandas favoritos. ¡Atrás quedan los días de sudor y duchas de agua fría! Se han ido con las amargas luchas con el aire acondicionado (¡tanto porque se haya roto como porque haya hecho subir la factura de la electricidad!)… read more »

Masculine or feminine? Nope. They're two different words!

by alison.chou on Monday, September 12, 2016

One of the most curious phenomena of the Spanish language – and one that causes plenty of headaches for its students – is that our words have genders. As we know, masculine words tend to end in –o , and feminine words in –a (although there are plenty of exceptions to this rule!). Many times, the masculine or feminine character of a word is reflected by the actual gender of the person or animal; they are words that are within the same semantic category. For example chico vs. chica (boy vs. girl), toro vs. vaca (bull vs. cow) or caballo vs. yegua ( horse vs. mare) .  However, there is another phenomenon regarding the variation of gender between words that isn't related to the masculine or feminine quality of the object. In fact, in changing the gender of the word, it actually takes on a completely different meaning.   We'll give you some examples:… read more »

All about Spanish Names, Nicknames and Last Names

by Becca on Monday, August 29, 2016

One of the "tricky" questions related to Spanish culture is about Spanish names; along with all of the history and tradition involved in Spanish name culture. Imagine you’ve just arrived in Spain; now, imagine you’re introduced to someone named "Pepe García Paredes." You might think his name, based on the order it comes in, is: first name, Pepe; middle name, García; last name, Paredes. But after a week or so in Spain, you will have discovered that García is not his middle name at all, but rather part of his last name. Then you might think, "ok, his name is Pepe and his last name is García-Paredes," (one of those curious hyphenated last names). But no, after another week or so you realize that they are actually two different last names: one is García and the other, Paredes. And then, to complicate things even further, after another week in Spain, you realize that his given name is actually not Pepe, but rather José… read more »

En torno a los nombres, apodos y apellidos españoles

by Diego on Sunday, August 28, 2016

Una de las cuestiones “peliagudas” en torno a la cultura española es la de los nombres y todo lo que ello conlleva. Bien… si te presentan a un tal “Pepe García Paredes” te haces la composición de lugar: su primer nombre es Pepe, el segundo García  y su apellido es Paredes. Sin embargo tras una semana descubres que García no es un segundo nombre sino un apellido. Bien, piensas que se llama Pepe y su apellido es García-Paredes (uno de esos curiosos apellidos compuestos). Pues no, pasa otra semana y te das cuenta de que los suyos son dos apellidos diferenciados: por un lado García y por otro Paredes. Para colmo de males, tras otra semana más te das cuenta de que su nombre no es Pepe sino José… read more »

Best Day Trips from Valencia

by alison.chou on Friday, August 12, 2016

Valencia is a city that never gets old, but for those moments when you’re yearning for a change of scenery, check out these can’t-miss day trips. For our students studying in Valencia , we have two words for you: lucky you! Valencia has everything you could ever desire: beautiful beaches, perfect climate, bustling metropolitan life, and a unique charm that’s part contemporary, part traditional, but all Mediterranean. And for when you’re yearning to step out of city life for an exciting day trip, you’re only a quick car or train ride away from some amazing sites, impressive naturescapes and idyllic towns. Here are some of our recommendations for some of the best day trips from Valencia … read more »

Las mejores excursiones de un día desde Valencia

by Diego on Thursday, August 11, 2016

Valencia es una ciudad que nunca pasa de moda pero, para esos momentos en los que deseas un cambio de aires, te proponemos estas excursiones de un día. Tenemos dos palabras para nuestros estudiantes de Valencia : ¡Qué suerte! Valencia cuenta con todo lo que puedas desear: hermosas playas, clima perfecto,  una animada vida metropolitana, y un encanto único que es parte contemporáneo y en parte tradicional, pero todo mediterráneo. Y si tienes ganas de cambiar de aires, sólo tienes que tomar un coche o un tren y  rápidamente llegarás a  algunos lugares increíbles, verás paisajes impresionantes y pueblos idílicos. Estas son algunas de nuestras recomendaciones para que pases un estupendo día de excursión por los alrededores de Valencia … read more »

Consejos para sobrevivir al mes de agosto en España

by alison.chou on Friday, July 29, 2016

Te contamos todo lo que necesitas saber para sobrevivir al calor y a las multitudes este agosto. … read more »

How to Survive August in Spain

by alison.chou on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We’re bringing you everything you need to know about how to survive the heat and the crowds this August. If you are learning Spanish in Spain this summer, it's important that you know how to make the most of the month of August. Some Spaniards take a whole month of vacation , pack their bags and take off to the beach.  Regardless of age or social status, there are many who engage in this “summer migration”: there are the employed taking their well-deserved vacation days, the retired looking to get a change of scenery, and of course the students who so eagerly look forward to their summer vacation. Understandably, for foreigners who come to Spain, it can be a bit strange to find some cities emptier and quieter than usual or their towns suddenly saturated with Spaniards that usually do not live there but that are spending their vacation there, just like any other tourist … read more »

Summer Cinema in Spain

by Becca on Friday, July 15, 2016

Summer cinema in Spain has always had a certain element of sentimentality. For many, attending outdoor movies is more an excuse to enjoy a warm summer night than anything else; in fact, it's safe to say that for many Spaniards, their earliest memories are wrapped up in the nostalgia of a summer night spent outside at the park in front of a movie screen. … read more »

Cines de verano en España

by Diego on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Los cines de verano en España siempre han tenido cierto componente sentimental. Son más que una excusa para poder pasar una tarde de verano; de hecho sabemos que los primeros recuerdos de bastante españoles están ligados a una noche frente a una pantalla en un parque… read more »

Summer in Madrid and Need to Study? Follow our Survival Guide!

by alison.chou on Thursday, July 07, 2016

It’s summertime in Madrid, which means two things: it’s ridiculously hot out, and the city is bursting with things to see and do! Here in Madrid , summertime is lived out on the streets. If you’re a student with our don Quijote School, however, it also means you’ve got to dedicate some time to studying. While studying Spanish is great, we understand the challenges students face during the summer months… Maybe your weekend study plans went out the window with those last-minute tickets to that music festival. Or perhaps you’re itching to finish studying early so you can grab a spot on that hot new rooftop bar.  Or let us guess: your apartment doesn’t have air-conditioning, thus leaving your attempt to study at home feeling more like a Bikram yoga session… read more »

Donde estudiar en Madrid en verano

by Diego on Wednesday, July 06, 2016

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#ViveElEspañol and win a Polaroid

by Diego on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Many of you are already in the don Quijote schools and destinations that you have chosen to learn Spanish. No doubt you are having unforgettable experiences getting to know a new culture, and of course capturing every second of your entire stay by posting and sharing to your social networks. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter ... All rife with beautiful photos of that building, monument, or plaza that caught your attention and that you'll always remember fondly when you think back on your Spanish course. … read more »

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