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#ViveElEspañol and win a Polaroid

by Diego on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Many of you are already in the don Quijote schools and destinations that you have chosen to learn Spanish. No doubt you are having unforgettable experiences getting to know a new culture, and of course capturing every second of your entire stay by posting and sharing to your social networks. Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter... All rife with beautiful photos of that building, monument, or plaza that caught your attention and that you'll always remember fondly when you think back on your Spanish course. 

 So what if we told you that all those images could come with a prize?  We want that you share with us all the memorable places and moments that caught your attention; simply upload a photo or video with the hashtag #ViveElEspañol  to your profiles and you could win the latest edition Polaroid camera. Easy, right?

Each day we will select the best picture, and at the end of summer we'll pick the winner among all the best. Your photo could win you a fantastic Polaroid to capture all your memories.

What are you waiting for? Post your best photos and videos (20 seconds max.) and share your best summer moments with us, and don't forget #ViveElEspañol!

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#ViveElEspañol y gana una Polaroid

by Diego on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Muchos de vosotros  ya estáis en las escuelas, en el destino que habéis elegido para aprender español. Seguro que estáis viviendo momentos inolvidables  conociendo una nueva cultura y más seguro aún que estáis captando cada segundo de toda vuestra estancia y subiéndolo a vuestras redes. Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter … Todas ellas estarán plagadas de buenos recuerdos y de aquel edificio, monumento plaza… que os llamó la atención y que recordaréis con cariño cuando rememoréis vuestro curso de español… read more »

Meet Our Teachers: Cristina Martín of don Quijote Madrid

by Becca on Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Today we would like to introduce you to Cristina Martin, a teacher at don Quijote Madrid , we’ve asked her about her experience as a Spanish teacher. Would you like to meet her?… read more »

Conoce a nuestros profesores: Cristina Martín, de don Quijote Madrid

by Diego on Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Hoy os presentamos a Cristina Martín, profesora en don Quijote Madrid , le hemos preguntado sobre su experiencia como profesora de español ¿Queréis conocerla?… read more »

The Royal Academy of Spanish Declares War on Anglicisms

by Becca on Friday, June 03, 2016

The work of a true scholar of the Royal Academy of Spanish should be thankless and misunderstood. News about the inclusion of a controversial word in the dictionary comes out every year, or news about criticism of some definition of it... or about the repeated fight against the misuse of our language, or about the use of foreign words as if they were a plague… read more »

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