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2014 Basketball World Cup in Spain

by John Bascombe on Thursday, August 28, 2014

From August 30 to September 14, 2014, the 17th FIBA Basketball World Cup will be held in Spain. Over the course of 15 days, 24 teams that have qualified to represent their country will try to win the Naismith Cup (named in honor of the inventor of the sport, James Naismith) in one of the most important global sporting events.

The World Cup will be held at different venues throughout Spain that will host up to 78 games between the various teams. Seville, Bilbao (where the US will play its first round), Gran Canaria and Granada (where Spain will play its first round games) will all host games during the first round of the Championship. Madrid and Barcelona will be the host cities for the sweet sixteen, the quarter and semi-finals. The finals will be disputed in Madrid.

History of the Basketball World Cup

The Basketball World Cup or Mundobasket, as it is known in Latin America, has a long history of providing moments filled with passion, controversy and even some political intrigue. Yugoslavia (winning under different denominations) is the country with most championships (5), followed by the United States (4) and the USSR (3). During the Cold War, both superpowers projected their differences on the court and produced some epic moments. The United States, with non-professional university players of the likes of Doc Rivers and Alonzo Mourning weren't able to beat the Yugoslav team with Drazen Petrovic, Vlade Divac and Toni Kukoc. The Americans were able to beat an older and more experienced Soviet team with Arvidas Sabonis, Belosteny and Tkachenko in 1986 in an 87-85 nail biter.  

Up until 1994, these three teams along with the much respected Brazil team were the undisputed basketball superpowers. 1994 was the year that saw, for the first time in a World Cup, the participation of American NBA players. With the presence of Shaquille O'Neal, Reggie Miller and Kevin Durant, the Americans were finally able to show the world their true basketball potential.

With the participation of more international players in the NBA, the quality of national teams around the world has risen. This growth in quality has meant the United States has suffered some surprising defeats in championship play like losses against Argentina, Yugoslavia (with players like Stojakovic and Bodiroga), Greece and Germany. Although the Americans have shown they are not invincible in international play, they are usually considered to be the favorites going into any tournament. In this year's World Cup, young stars like Stephen Curry, Derrick Rose and Kyle Irving will try to prove their supremacy by playing their typically spectacular style of fast and physical play… read more »

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by John Bascombe on Monday, August 25, 2014

Reza Emilio Juma is a talented young author that has recently released his first book Mil Besos   (A Thousand Kisses). Born in Toronto and raised in countries around the world, he attended and graduated from the University of British Columbia. Upon graduating he came to Spain and fell in love with the country and culture, especially the diverse cultural mix that Andalusia offers. Presently living and working in Mexico as a university professor, we caught up with him on his tour of Spain promoting his work—the story of a young boy's journey from adolescence to manhood all the while following his dreams… read more »

Top Ten Spanish Festivals in August

by John Bascombe on Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Why should we remember Frida?

by John Bascombe on Thursday, August 14, 2014

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The Spanish Market

by John Bascombe on Thursday, August 07, 2014

El Mercado - The Traditional Spanish Market The Spanish Mercado is a traditional market that exists or has existed in all the major cities, not only in Spain but in France and other European cities. These markets are located in large, warehouse type buildings in key neighborhoods where inside you can find butchers, fishmongers, bakeries and a variety of other stands selling spices, canned goods and anything else edible… read more »

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