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Rooftops As Cultural Spaces in Spain

by John Bascombe on Thursday, January 29, 2015

The rooftops of buildings in Spain, as elsewhere, are generally not used for much beyond accommodating satellite dishes and laundry lines. But in urban areas where attractive event space gets spendy and space itself is limited, some groups and communities have begun to rethink the usefulness of rooftops, particularly in the warm southern Andalusia region, where outdoor activity season extends much longer than in the north.

Enter Redetejas, a non-profit group on a mission to convert unused, forgotten rooftop spaces into exciting venues for cultural events. The group’s work has inspired Spanish urbanites in Córdoba, Seville, and Huelva to head upstairs and participate in everything from musical performances to magic shows and yoga demonstrations, all under the stars or under the clouds.

The company bills itself as the first citizen’s network of micro-spaces on private rooftops. The website goes on to explain that the rooftop project is licensed under Creative Commons, in other words anyone can copy, modify and improve Redetejas as long as they respect copyright rules. Any group wishing to participate is free to do so and they don’t have to pay anything, they just have to follow the project manuals.

Becoming a participant is pretty straightforward and you can do it as a guest, an event organizer, a host, or as an artist. The idea is that hosts offer the rooftop of their building to organizers who invite guests to enjoy artists’ performances. 

The manual points out that activities must be cultural in nature, and that it is legal to hold rooftop events although you must respect the neighbors and established limits in terms of noise, capacity, and safety. If you organize an event, you have to let neighbors know what you’re doing in advance and provide them with details including the times you’re planning on beginning and ending the function. The manual also reminds organizers that Redetejas is a non-profit group but they can charge guests a voluntary door fee to cover the expenses of their event… read more »

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