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10 Must-See Semana Santa Processions

by John Bascombe on Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Semana Santa in Spain

Signaled by the full moon, Semana Santa (holy week) launches us on an annual journey of reflection and tradition. It’s a time celebrated by both the religious and those who simply welcome a few days off from work or school to watch the spectacular recreations of scenes representing the passion of Christ. No matter what it is that attracts visitors, Semana Santa in Spain offers an incredible amount of celebrations which center mostly on processions that take place throughout the country.

We know that any top 10 selection will inevitably be incomplete, but we’ve gone ahead and put together this list with the best intentions for anyone hoping to delve deeper into the rich traditions of Spanish culture.

Semana Santa in Elche1. Las Palmas de Elche

Palm Sunday, a day that recalls Jesus’ entrance into Jerusalem according to biblical scripture, in the city of Elche (in the eastern Valencian Community) Holy Week participants take to the streets holding yellow palm leaves that have been intricately woven into wonderful and seemingly impossible figures. The palm leaves come from the city’s enormous palm grove that is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Particularly noteworthy is the procession of La Borriquilla, which displays Jesus entering Jerusalem on a donkey.

Semana Santa in Toledo2. Procesión del Cristo Redentorread more »

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Top 5 "patios" in Salamanca

by John Bascombe on Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spanish Patios When we visit a city we are almost never able to see what’s behind the doors of the homes and historic buildings that we pass by and when we do, more likely than not, we’re paying for a ticket to get in. Spain has many hidden nooks and crannies and Salamanca is no exception. The patio or claustro is a typical element in the construction of the buildings in Spain; even today you will find blocks of flats constructed with an interior patio. This means that some of the best tourist attractions aren’t even on the map and the tourist don’t know that they are even attractions!  So I’m going to let you in on 5 hidden gems hiding behind the walls of some of the most historic buildings in Salamanca. If you’re looking to get off the beaten track and want to soak up some history, here is where you need to go when you are in Salamanca :… read more »

Cherry Blossom Festival in Spain

by John Bascombe on Thursday, April 03, 2014

Cherry Blossom in Spain Cherry blossoms are usually associated with Japan or even Washington D.C. but Spain also has its own particular cherry blossom festival.  In a corner of Spain between Salamanca and Cáceres, close to the town of Plasencia, is a valley tucked into the mountains of the central system. Within this 70 kilometer long valley—Jerte Valley—is a growing region home to the Picota cherry, one of the sweetest cherries on earth . This cherry comes with a Denominación de Origin (Denomination of Origin) certificate that classifies this fruit as being of the highest quality and coming from only this area of the world… read more »

Chinese Students Studying Spanish

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National Parks to Experience in March

by John Bascombe on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Top 10 National parks in Spain and Latin America In Spain, we’re preparing to dive head first into spring and all the natural splendor that comes along with it, and we’re suggesting a few of Spain’s most treasured places for appreciating nature. Keeping in mind that the southern hemisphere will soon be welcoming autumn, we’ve included suggestions of natural paradises to visit on both sides of the equator, in Spanish… read more »

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